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PUPIL – People Uplifting People In Life is the name of the Grassroots Organization that got its humble start in 1995. This concept and love for learning form PUPIL’s core belief. Through inspired action and involvement, PUPIL nurtures positive growth within the community.

PUPIL has hosted a range of events, music and art shows, skate jams, and street fairs developing healthy connections in our community. After the Turf closed, PUPIL organized a petition that addressed the need for a safe and legal place to skate in Milwaukee, WI. Therefore creating awareness and raising money to help fund a park in the city.

PUPIL is always with us in its own subtle way and has inspired continual positive changes.

Now, in 2020 with a greater reach, PUPIL will leverage its experience and resources to collaborate and integrate PUPIL's ideas in support of our World Community.

Check out our newsletter from 1997.